I started this website as an exercise for my English writing skill. Vellum is a type of premium parchment. The fact that is digital is obvious. But why did I choose Vellum for my website?

The answer is that I’m looking to write about old things, highlighting why I think they’re good or bad and why they should be appreciated. For example, old PC games and programs. Occasionally I write about new things as well, but mostly in order emphasize the progress or downfall of technology. The evolution of everything has ups and downs, but the most important thing is to do the best to avoid failure and not go rack and ruin.

In other words, I write articles and reviews, expressing my opinion on things, mostly related to computers. My final goal is to publish a piece of writing by the end of each month, and two or more in December and April.

Due to lack of time, some months passed without publishing anything, but like I said above, I do my best for this not to happen.