When most people are looking to buy a computer, they search for performance and brands.  But what they often neglect to think of is the desk they will be putting it on.  Recently I came across a booklet that gives you a few tips on reducing stress when sitting at a desk.  Did I find them useful?  Yes.  Especially since my desktop experience became a bit more tiring.  So I decided to write an article on this topic, giving people things to consider when buying a desk and also when sitting at a desk when working on a computer.


The first point on the list is choosing your desk and chair considering your height, for a comfortable position when using the computer.  In order to do this, place the desk on a flat surface.  The level of the desk must allow you to have your arms parallel with the floor when using the keyboard and mouse.  If the desk is too high you can look for a keyboard support.  But never buy a desk that is too low because there isn’t much you can do to get it to the right height.  As for the chair, it’s a better to be adjustable, since it allows you to set the height and the back position in a way that your body weight is evenly distributed.  Also when sitting on a chair your feet should rest evenly on the floor.

The second point on the list refers to the way your computer sits on the desk, along with the peripherals. If you manage to put them right you’ll almost feel like flying.  The first thing you have to do is make sure the upper side of the monitor isn’t higher than the level of your eyes. Then, your look should sit perpendicular on the screen.  As far as reach is concerned, the monitor’s control buttons should be easy to reach and the keyboard and mouse should be placed at a comfortable distance, so you don’t have to stretch in order to get to them.

Going further, it is very important to avoid eye fatigue.  This can be done by positioning the monitor in a way that stops sunbeams or other light sources reflect on the screen.  Also the light shouldn’t directly reflect in the eyes. Another advice is to place the computer in a room that isn’t very bright, neither dark.  It is also recommended to avoid looking at the screen for long periods of time.  You can shift your gaze to farther objects and try to focus them.


Artwork © Maria T.

Among the suggestions above, there are a few more things to consider when sitting at a desk.  For instance, when typing, you should keep your back straight and avoid bending your wrists, leaning back or moving to and fro. Getting up to stretch your arms and legs, from time to time, is a very good practice to avoid distress. And last, but not least, keep out of spending too much time in front of the computer.  While this is something that most people know, it is also a very important advice.  Planning and varying activities during the day it is not only good for the body but also for the mind.

In the end, I feel that the above recommendations are an important step towards a better and a healthier lifestyle, especially since computers became a huge part of our lives.  By following the points mentioned above, you’ll most probably complain less, do more and feel better.



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